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My book about Integrative Family Constellations

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My book

Now in its first english (and fifths german) edition, this fascinating book contains many case studies and recently developed methods and resolution statements. Below you’ll find a brief overview of the topics covered:

Our ancestors as a reflection of our dissociated personality facets

Even our ancestors, with whom we are entangled, embody personality facets that we have not yet integrated. That’s why it’s not the bad ancestors that possess us or wish us ill because they led difficult lives. No, we borrow their destinies for ourselves in order to serve us in our own development.

Destined entanglements or causal correlations

When we look at family dynamics without the background of previous lives, many entanglements seem random. Clients ask me again and again, “Why do I carry this burden and not my sister?” For a long time, I didn’t really have an answer to this question. I thought that many things serve us as learning experiences. We must remember all of the difficult fates that were not cleared in our ancestral family. Only after I was shown images from previous lives in my constellations did a clear correlation between cause and effect emerge. Through many cases that I observed in my practice experience, I became aware that we have brought destinies such as unfulfilled love, financial problems, illnesses, depression, and much more from previous lives in order to resolve them this time around.

Resolving entanglements

Through our entanglement with our ancestors, we have the chance in this life to resolve old karma from several previous incarnations. In this book, you’ll find helpful resolution statements to resolve relationship promises, contracts of the soul, oaths, and vows from both this and previous lives

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